Nikita Bajaj

I hold a Master's in MBA, Marketing and have 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing. I have been successful in helping the companies to attract prospects through content marketing strategies and social media channels.

AWS Cloud Cost Optimization — Benefits, Pricing, Strategies

Most businesses either have a cloud migration strategy or have already moved. Cloud is simply better than on-premises and not just because of lower costs. Those who have already adopted the cloud have their own reasons for switching to the cloud, from security concerns and industry protocols to productivity demands and modernizing workspaces. The truth is that all companies can find real value in switching to the cloud.

Is your company digitally transformed or you are still thinking over it!

COVID-19 has already altered humanity and the global economy. The pandemic is bringing the global economy to a standstill and stretching the businesses beyond their limits. Offices have been shut indefinitely, workforces are required to go remote, enforced social distancing, a quarter of the world’s population is under lockdown, supply chain disruptions, decreasing customer demand, are among other challenges. I am not surprised by the fact that organizations now need to consider how to digitall